Dr Megan C Hayes

Hello, I’m Megan – creator of Positive Journal® as well as an academic, author, researcher, and facilitator of writing for wellbeing.

I have spent the past decade studying and researching writing and the psychology of happiness, and discovering ways that writing makes us happier. My research has crossed the fields of positive psychology, expressive writing, and creative writing, and I have a personal interest in mental health issues having grown up with both my mother and sister experiencing bipolar episodes.

My MSc research and my interdisciplinary PhD both explored writing as a tool to promote and support psychological wellbeing. I have shared this research in the UK, USA, and Europe – including papers in The International Journal of Wellbeing and Writing in Practice: The Journal of Creative Writing Research.

I  continue to be fascinated with how words and writing can create happiness. Visit me at my other home, www.meganchayes.com to read more about my work.

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