What is a Positive Journal®?

There are many ways to write a journal. We may write daily, weekly, monthly, or perhaps even less. We may keep a journal to record our lives, to make sense of or work through things that happen to us, to set goals, or a mixture of all of these.

The “why” of a Positive Journal® is this: what we put on the page, we bring to life. By putting wellbeing into words, you  focus on the strengths and resources that will help you make positive, practical changes in your life. You make your journal a place to #writeyourselfhappy.

I’m Dr Megan C. Hayes and after over a decade of study and research into writing and wellbeing, and through my own journal writing practice, I have developed Positive Journal. This unique way of writing applies the research, principles, and practices of positive psychology – the science of happiness – to the work we do on the page.

One important way that we can do this is by using our positive emotions as tools to help us write about and reinterpret our lives. To begin this practice yourself, grab a copy of my book Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journalling and start using writing to flourish.

You can also download your free worksheets, check out the library of Positive Journal companion guides, or find out about workshops with Megan.