Write Yourself Happy BOOK

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Psychologists have shown that writing can support us through depression, anxiety, job loss, and even heartbreak… but what else goes right when we write?

Dr Megan’s book Write Yourself Happy: The Art of Positive Journalling is a guide to using eight of our most commonly experienced and life-affirming emotions in a journal: joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, awe, and love. It includes enjoyable exercises and real case studies to inspire us to shift our focus, positively navigate our lives, and put wellbeing into words.

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The Joy of Writing Things Down BOOK

Want to make writing a joy?

Whether it’s a speedy note-to-self, a simple shopping list or a carefully penned thank-you note, putting words on paper is a daily habit – and can also bring us great joy and calm. In this book you’ll discover practical ways to turn the ordinary ritual of jotting things down into a remarkable source of peace, focus and confidence. Learn to take pleasure in your correspondence, find fresh delight in your diary writing and put renewed heart in your humble to-do list.

Dr Megan has spent her academic career exploring the links between writing, identity and happiness – and she is on a mission to encourage us all to pick up a pen and reap the wellbeing benefits in The Joy of Writing Things Down.

‘A treasure trove of uplifting and accessible practices, to organise your mind and give shape to your day.’
– Suzy Reading, author of
The Little Book of Self-Care

‘Easy to read, deeply inspiring and oh so wise, it was the perfect antidote to my in-box overwhelm.’
– Susannah Conway, author of
This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart

(Psst… While you’re waiting for your books to be delivered, download these free printable positive journal pages to get started right away.)