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I also make a habit of creating free guides for joyful writing. Long time journal writers often refer to the page as a ‘friend’ or ‘confidante’. Below, you will find a growing library of companion workbooks for your Positive Journal practice – each designed to be that friend. They have been carefully created to offer a helpful pathway into this practice including fun, structured-yet-broad exercises for you to explore in your own way.

Just like a chat with a good listener, a Positive Journal is a space for compassionate, wholehearted regard for all that we feel. This is not about quashing or ignoring the tough stuff. This practice is a celebration of the wonderfully diverse nature of emotional life and in which we can choose to be guided (gently) by our most life-affirming emotions.

You can download and fill in the guides as printable workbooks, or simply use them on your phone alongside a journal. You decide.

Happy writing!

Beginner’s Guide to Happiness

Learn the ten basic principles underlying a Positive Journal practice and give yourself the space to unravel some of your long-held (& possibly unhelpful) assumptions about living a happy life. The perfect starter companion.

Free. Click to download now.

Writing a Way Through

This companion invites you to write with trust. This workbook does not go against, or beyond, or around your circumstances. Ten gentle prompts guide you in writing a way through whatever it is you’re experiencing just now.

Free. Click to download now.