Do you want to use writing to be happier?

Writing for wellbeing can support us a bit like therapy does, but not quite. It can also motivate us a bit like coaching does, but not quite. The “not quite” bit is the special bit. The “not quite” bit makes YOU the narrator of your own story (and, by default, the story of your happiness).

This is what a Positive Journal can offer – an easy, cheap, daily, and deeply personal way to both console ourselves and craft the life we want.

As you go on this journey, you may feel you need some practical  support (support that will help you along the way to becoming your own best supporter).

That’s where a 1:1 with me might come in handy.

I’m Dr Megan C. Hayes and I help people use writing to promote happiness and wellbeing. One way that I do this is through private consultancy sessions (over Skype/FaceTime/telephone or in person) that draw upon my extensive knowledge and research in this area.

In our 1:1, together we will:

For my affordable rates (starting from £60), dates, and more information, send an email introducing yourself to:

megan [at] meganchayes [dot] com

You may also like to take a glance at my workshops or (if you want to get started right away) download some fun freebies.