How can we write towards happiness?

Writing for wellbeing can support us a bit like therapy does, but not quite. It can also motivate us a bit like coaching does, but not quite. The “not quite” bit is the special bit. The “not quite” bit makes writing in a journal (reflectively and creatively) an easy, cheap, daily, and deeply personal way to both console ourselves and craft the life we want.

As you go on this journey – alone or with others – you may feel you need some practical  support.

That’s where a 1:1 with me might come in handy.

I’m Dr Megan C. Hayes and I help people use writing to promote happiness and wellbeing. One way that I do this is through private consultancy sessions (over Skype/FaceTime/telephone or in person) that draw upon my extensive knowledge and research in this area.

In our 1:1, together we can:

For my affordable rates, dates, and more information, send an email introducing yourself to:

megan [at] meganchayes [dot] com

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